Home again!

I'm back in my Cold Spring studio once more and am very excited to be trying a new collage configuration. More on that later!

The trip home went smoothly, and I was able to deposit about 40 tiles in places like Mesick and Snow Shoe, Sandusky and Marion. Anyone found any? What boggles my mind is that I have distributed over 7000 of those little guys, and no one, not one single person, has ever contacted me about finding one. Well, that's not counting the local Cold Spring kids who started collecting them a few years ago and left what they thought was an anonymous note on my porch!

Also of note: a few people have requested original Map panels, and, in response, I have started to list a few on eBay. The first generation panels, entirely hand-done, will be priced at $240, and the later generations, largely inkjet prints with some hand-done additions, at $60. Go get 'em!