Another sales pitch

Here  are few reasons to go to eBay right now and buy yourself a piece of Jerry's Map:

1. The Ukrainia panel pictured above is now being offered at the buy-it-now price of $13.96. The last Ukrainia panel went, at auction, for $51! So, this one is a steal.

2. If you've already bought one or more panels you can check to see if any contiguous ones are available. By buying them or those you can begin to construct your own copy of Jerry's Map.

3. Maybe you just like the graphics and would like to have a piece on your wall. You can go to any craft store and get a mat and frame (11 by 14") for under $15. For 25 or so it can be on your wall in just a few days.

4. Or maybe you just think the whole project is cool and want to show your support by contributing. It's almost like Kickstarter but without Kickstarter. Every couple of prints sold buys me a new ink cartridge. And every sale gives me the ego food it takes to keep slugging away at this endless endeavor.

5. It might be a viable investment. Who knows? The print you buy today may be worth more in the future.