A clarification....

But first today's panel: S2/E14. More blue water and sandy beaches. Just like Northern Michigan where we live.

That HuffPost headline, "Man Spends 50 Years.....", and now a very similar one on oddity.com, implies that I have worked on the Map, non-stop, for 50 years. I estimate that I have averaged 20 minutes a day over 30 years. I stopped working on this project in about 1983, and it was stored in my attic until 2003 when my son, Henry, found it. He brought the box down to me and said, "Hey, Dad! What is this? And can I have it?" I got re-inspired and took up working on it every day.

So, at 20 minutes a day and allowing for my 20-year coffee break, I have worked on this for a total of 219,000 minutes. If I worked 8 hours a day that would come to
456.25 days or 1 year and 3 months. To have "wasted" 15 months of my 70 years and 9 months doesn't seem too bad.