And S1/W1 gets an update...,.

Thanks, Ann, for the latest purchase of S1/W1 real estate! This segment is coming along.

I am setting up a shopify store for the Map, but I have a lot to learn. Son, Henry, was here on the weekend to give me some help, and friend Gail is working on a logo for Jerry's Map. Cool! I'll let you know when the shop is really up and running.

I have finished a side project, the copying of 48 panels to go on the wall at the show this fall. They will be an earlier generation of  panels which will be exhibited on the floor.

With that work done I was able to resume the regular progress of the Map. I have finished working through the rows to the bottom and have started over at the top. I find that it is taking me almost exactly one year to complete a cycle. Of course, as the Map expands it will take longer.