S1E1 comes online....

Here it is, folks, in all its sparse glory: the first iteration of the S1E1 segment. It shows the six panels which you have bought to date. Thanks go to Deb and Cory and Sue! They are the most recent Map collectors.

I was reflecting this morning how slowly this process goes. Over the holidays I was watching my cousin play Minecraft. He was doing it with what, to my 69-year old eyes, was dizzying speed. Rock was being mined and turned into tools in nanoseconds. Trees produced wood; gravel collapsed in the mine, zombies appeared and were zapped. Kersplooie! Fast, faster.....his left fingers slapping keys; his right hand deftly working the mouse.

Jerry's Map is more like Slow Food. Or slow anything. It takes lots of time. Things acrete over years, not seconds. In 2003 I decided that my colors were too bright and set out to subdue them. I started remixing them, one jar at a time, a few drops a day. Nine years later they are toned down a bit.

Sometimes I wish that you all would buy up panels more quickly so that the segments like the one above would fill in faster. But that, too, is part of the Slow Map process. Don't let me stop you from purchasing though! I appreciate every sale!